Journey to Safety

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JCORE provides a Jewish voice on race and asylum in the UK.  It delivers diversity education sessions and resources to schools and youth groups.  It campaigns for the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, and supports them in practical ways - with befriending, mentoring, and basic necessities for those who are destitute. It also works closely with other minority communities.  



More than 200 primary and secondary school pupils from Greater London took part in JCORE’s “Journey to Safety” project between December 2010 and June 2013.


They learned about


• World War II and the Kindertransport

• Refugees and asylum seekers today

• The role of Jewish people in helping refugees  

• Oral history

• The video camera and filming interviews  


In the final session, they met, and filmed their own interviews with refugees. The refugees involved were those who came on the Kindertransport between 1938 and 1939, and more recent refugees from countries such as Zimbabwe and Eritrea.

JCORE (Jewish Council for Racial Equality)

Journey to Safety

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