Journey to Safety

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“I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for a wonderful two week programme. The students were extremely positive about the experience and felt they acquired new skills as well as knowledge. The facilitators you brought in were all engaging and authoritative, each adding an extra dimension to the overall experience. All in all, an excellent experience – I look forward to our next collaborative venture.”



“I gained from the experience with the knowledge and evidence that I have somehow influenced their understanding of the period, experience and sufferings under dictatorships.”



"I learnt a lot of things [from the interview], not only about the holocaust, but also for example how to carry out an effective interview and filming techniques. Harry made me realise that life is really tough but if you keep strong you’ll make it through”.



“I enjoyed the final session the most as I enjoyed the filming and talking to actual refugees rather than watching videos or recorded accounts”.



Project Testimonies

"My view of refugees has changed because before I would be annoyed for them coming over as it meant that they would take many jobs and housing that meant many British citizens haven’t got jobs. However, now I think that they should be allowed as they have been through so much in their last country".



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Throughout the project at their schools, students wrote learning diaries which demonstrated the impact Journey To Safety had on them. Below are a few extracts.